Sustainable Sweater Styles for Men: Eco-Friendly Materials & Brands

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Goodbye to breezy tank tops, summer sunsets, and boardwalk nights! Welcome to cool evenings, stylish coats, and, most importantly, warm sweaters! Even though we’ll miss the longer days, fall beckons us to cozier times and a calmer state of mind.

In this blog, we will tell you the brands and materials that are eco-friendly sweaters from your favorite companies for the fall and winter. These businesses uphold moral, environmentally responsible, and fair-trade production methods while putting people before profits. So, settle in!

Complete your winter look by teaming them with eco-friendly boots and purses. 

Eco-Friendly Materials

Here are some eco-friendly materials for sustainable sweater styles for men:


The wool comes from a variety of animal sources and is a common material for sweaters. Wool from sheep called Merino is one of the most common. Alpaca, mohair, angora, and sustainable cashmere are also available.

These are usually more expensive, but you can make your own knitting as a do-it-yourself project. When purchasing wool, make sure to consider the source, guaranteeing that animals receive humane treatment, and keep an eye out for any harmful chemicals or colors applied.


With its many environmental advantages, hemp is a plant-based fabric that is ideal for a sustainable closet. Almost every part of the plant, including the seeds, leaves, and stalks, can be used. Its development also reduces soil erosion, uses little water, and functions as a natural repellant, saving harmful herbicides and insecticides from being used.

Recycled Synthetics:

Clothes made of virgin synthetics, such as sweaters, put a significant burden on natural resources and increase pollution. However, synthetics are typically less expensive. If you want synthetic clothing, look for recyclable options like recycled nylon or polyester. Because they are constructed from recycled fishing nets and plastic bottles, garbage is kept out of landfills and incinerators.

Organic Cotton:

Cotton is not as insulating as wool despite being a popular and adaptable fabric. Cotton is a wonderful option if you’re searching for a lightweight sweater to fend off a fall breeze or a cool night in late summer.

Opt for organic cotton as it is farmed without the use of pesticides or insecticides, minimizing the exposure of workers, the environment, and your skin to harmful substances.


A semi-synthetic fabric called lyocell is made from wood cellulose, specifically from eucalyptus trees. It is robust, flexible, breathable, and has many other wonderful qualities. It is also environmentally beneficial. 

Eco-Friendly Brands

Here are some eco-friendly brands for sustainable sweater styles for men:

RSS Trading BD

RSS Trading BD is a Bangladesh-based company. For individuals who enjoy the great outdoors, RSS Trading BD has designed a line of natural, eco-friendly apparel. They think adopting environmentally responsible materials, like their incredibly soft Royal Alpaca, may strengthen customer relationships with the natural world and sustainably help local communities.

Each product has a QR code that allows the consumer to see the farm where the fiber was harvested, ensuring complete traceability of their products from the fiber source. Even the packaging is biodegradable, and the dyes are certified OEKO-TEX & GOTS for environmental friendliness. 

Furthermore, RSS Trading BD guarantees the “world’s fairest cashmere.” This brand offers a large selection of sweaters made of organic cotton and blends of organic cotton and modal. It creates gorgeous sweaters by fusing functionality, style, and fit. A range of styles are available, including turtlenecks, classic pullovers, sweater dresses, vests, and zip-up sweaters.


We need to consider a brand’s treatment of people, animals, and the environment while choosing sustainable apparel. The company, which originates from the Gobi Desert in Mongolia, works closely with herders to give their animals veterinary treatment and hand combing.

This guarantees their upkeep and provides you with the softest, most environmentally friendly fabric, such as its well-known Original Cashmere Sweater, which comes in nine basic colors and a few limited-edition colors.


Our favorite work styles are available at Everlane so you may feel and look your best both inside and outside of the workplace! Whether you prefer turtlenecks, V-necks, crewnecks, or cardigans, Everlane has a wide selection of sweaters to choose from.

You can read about the entire manufacturing process of each sweater, from beginning to end, on the product page. All sweaters are created with clean, renewable materials that prioritize animal welfare. The Ultrafine Ribbed Crew, which is composed of 100% RWS-certified merino wool, is our favorite item. 


Outerknown was founded by world champion surfer Kelly Slater and designer John Moore with the goal of producing long-lasting, ecological apparel. That also applies to the Simone Polo Sweater.

Featuring a casual v-neck collar and ribbed details for an ultra-cozy sensation, this sweater is made from 100% Geelong wool, which is even softer and toastier than cashmere. Wear it casually with a pair of baggy slacks or contrast it with some tailored jeans.


Reformation is frequently cited as a pioneer in the field of eco-friendly fashion. The crew skillfully crafts stylish items from ethically sourced fabrics, including Tencel, linen, and recycled cotton, all of which are created in China and the USA.

Additionally, customers are informed about the brand’s environmentally friendly production practices and can see how much less carbon dioxide and water were used in the creation of the products. 


Sézane, which is based in Paris, is made to last. Sézane places a high value on sustainable techniques and raw materials, with almost two-thirds of its items made in Europe and the remainder created by ateliers. It has long-standing partnerships with Portugal, India, and other countries.

With its crochet finish and scalloped edges, the incredibly soft Anaelle Cardigan exudes a sophisticated and romantic style. 


A sustainable sweater is one that uses non-toxic dyes, eco-friendly fibers, and sustainable production techniques. Wholesale men’s sweater suppliers sell the best sweaters for men, which are eco-friendly and warm.

It is also ethically constructed and built to last you many years. It implies that the company must guarantee that all employees in the supply chain receive fair compensation and work in safe, healthy environments. Verifying a brand’s transparency and whether it has obtained any third-party certifications is an excellent method to ensure you are supporting a sustainable one.

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